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Grant Applications

The Historical Society has offered mini matching grants for several years now. It started with the $200 grants for applicants to get help with supplies and paint for exterior work on their homes. Later the amount rose to $500 per matching grant. Many people and including business owners took advantage of these grants and we could see a definite uptick in the appearance of the buildings.

Later, the Gingerbread Grants were initiated and these were for more extensive work where owners needed to repair or install architectural details to the exterior of the building. These are matching grants of $1000 and we have given out 5 of these to date.

2019 heralds a 3rd category which will be revealed next spring. These will be called Marine City Portals!


Applications for these grants are available at the end of May each year. They can be obtained from LumberJack in Marine City. All projects must be completed by the end of October that year, although extensions may be applied for.

To apply, fill out the attached application and mail to:

Historical Society of Marine City

P.O. Box 23, Marine City, MI 48039

Please contact us at with any questions.

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