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Donations can be made for a specific mission or initiative that is important to YOU!

1. To become a General Member the donation is a minimum of $10.00.

2. Donations to our Maintenance Program for Drake Park and Watchman Park are always welcome. The Historical Society takes care of all Landscaping Maintenance in both parks. Also,
we plan to add more flowering Hydrangea shrubs in 2020. No
minimum donation. Drake Park needs new signage in 2020 and also some historical signage for the Nordmeer Anchor. No minimum donation.
3. Donations to upgrade the surface of the stage area of the Ampitheater. No minimum donation .
4. Donations to the Ships Mosaics in the Parks
a) Purchase of a Ship Mosaic: b) Purchase a one line recognition;
The Northerner in Broadway Park: $4,000.00 or 4 donations of $1,000.00 ea.
The R. G. Coburn in Broadway Park $4,000.00 or 4 donations of $1,000.00 ea.
The Maude in River Park $4,000.00 or 4 donations of $1,000.00 ea.

*For all donations to our Parks you will receive our most current Newsletter and emails about upcoming events. For donations over $50.00 your name will be listed in our Annual Newsletter.
*Donations can be made here or by phone: 810-765-4012. Just let us know what you want your donation to go towards!
Thanks for the support!
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