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Preserving the Culture and Heritage of Marine City, Michigan.

​The Historical Society of Marine City formed in 1993. A small group of residents felt that Marine City deserved to be recognized as a significant Historic town. It is unusually rich in Victorian architecture. The Shipbuilding industry made Marine City, (known as Newport at the time), one of the largest Shipbuilding towns on the Great Lakes. It was also home to four other very important local industries of the 19th Century. These were the production of Sugar, Salt, Logging and Barrel making industries.

​Marine City today has retained much of its original charm and is now a vibrant tourist town along the banks of the St. Clair River. It is becoming a small hub for the theater business and boasts 3 live theaters. There are 2 museums, antique shops galore, small specialty shops and a growing number of great restaurants.

​Eight small parks are dotted along the waterfront and have many fine examples of marine artifacts. These comprise the Marine City Outdoor Maritime Museum. Soon there will be the addition of 8 large glass mosaic murals of ships built in Marine City. These beautiful pieces of Maritime Art will be placed on platforms in the landscaped areas of the parks

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Current Projects

Marine City Outdoor Maritime Museum

To further beautify Marine City and highlight its rich Maritime history, we have created mosaic murals of ships that were built right here in our own backyard. The murals will be the starting point for the Marine City Outdoor Maritime Museum throughout the town's public parks, for visitors and residents to enjoy all year long.

The Newago
The Northerner
The DF Rose
The Maud
The Clipper
The Marine City
The RG Coburn
The Mary

"It has been said that, at it's best, preservation engages

the past in a conversation with the present over a mutual concern for the future."

William Murtagh, first keeper of the National Register of Historic Places

Upcoming Events

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary at The Lester House on September 16, 2023! 

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