Historical Society of Marine City Established 1993
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Marine City Outdoor Maritime Museum - Walking Tour
Marine City Historical Society Important Links
Marine City Self-guided Walking tour of Victorian, 19th and early 20th century architecture  
Downtown Marine City 
Marine City, MI 48039 
Phone 810-765-4501 
A Self-guided tour of Marine City's nautical and historic artifacts is on display in public areas. 
Marine City Historical Society 
Downtown Marine City 
Marine City, MI 48039 
Phone 810-765-4501 
A Self-guided tour of Marine City's Victorian architecture. 
Community Pride and Heritage Museum
405 South Main St. 
Marine City, MI 48039 
Phone: 810-765-5446 

The museum's artifact and archival collections bring Marine City's history and heritage to life in three 
distinctive galleries that includes the Maritime gallery, Lifestyle gallery and Business & Commercial gallery. 
Highlights of the exhibits include a 4 ½ by 36 foot diorama of the Belle River in 1885, when 5 shipyards we
reengaged in producing some of the finest ships on the Great Lakes; complete rooms with furnishings dating back 150 years; and a blacksmith shop built on the grounds of the Museum. Open Saturdays and Sundays seasonally. 
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National Parks Service - Register of Historic Places
National Register of Historic Places
1201 Eye Street, NW (2280) 
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